Yaz Birth Control Lawsuit

Yaz Birth Control Lawsuits are on the rise!

Concerns over birth control prescription Yaz, produced and distributed by Bayer, have proliferated over the past year as thousands of women file lawsuits over concerns about blood clots linked to their birth control prescription.

Many prescription hormonal birth control drugs have been shown to be entirely safe and reliable. Many versions of the drug have been on the market for decades. Concerns over Yaz arise chiefly from the concern of a new kind of synthetic hormone that is included in the drug called drospirenone.

All hormonal birth control medications contain versions of hormones that occur naturally in a woman’s body. Hormones regulate the entire reproductive system, signaling when to start puberty or menopause, initiating the ovulation process that makes a woman fertile once a month, and launching the changes that occur throughout pregnancy and new motherhood. By introducing new levels of these hormones into the body via a daily pill, a woman can successfully prevent the fertility process until she chooses to get pregnancy.

The hormones most commonly used in birth control are estrogen and progestin. There are various synthetic versions of this drug for different brands of medications. The new version that is causing all of the concern is dropirenone, mentioned above. This is a manufactured version of progestin, but it is a somewhat newer version that many patients are saying has unacceptable risks in a birth control prescription.

There has been evidence linking dropirenone with a greatly increased risk of blood clots. These are an extremely dangerous condition for the human body, partially because they can go undetected for so long. Blood clots are small, but they obstruct the flow of blood through arteries. If they block blood flow to a major organ like the lungs, heart, or brain, serious and potentially fatal medical conditions can occur like pulmonary embolism, heart attack, or stroke. These are extremely serious accusations against Yaz birth control.

Many patients are suing over the product, claiming that the risks of Yaz side effects were not made fully known to its patients. Advertising portrayed Yaz in an overall positive light, as advertising is meant to do, and many patients and their families believe that the drug company has strayed into the realm of false advertising.

Should IĀ file a Yaz Birth Control Lawsuit?

You may be wondering if you should seek a lawyer for concerns that you or a loved one may have had because of Yaz. It’s important to seek a consultation with a lawyer as soon as you possibly can. There is a simple form that you can fill out on our website to get help, or you can call us at (888) 541-6262 for an initial consultation with a lawyer.

Many patients are concerned that it will be impossible to receive any kind of compensation for their injuries. While only an experienced lawyer can advise you on your situation, there have already been demonstrable cases of individuals receiving settlements over injuries incurred through Yaz birth control. The FDA has even begun to get involved, advising Bayer that it is concerned about the effects of the drug. For now, Yaz is still on the market. As more women and their families bring their lawsuits for damages from Yaz blood clots and other birth defects, the drug may grow to become less popular.