Xarelto Lawyer

Xarelto Can Lead To Unstoppable Internal Bleeding, Victims Should Lawyer Up!

How do you know when you should seek legal representation for a medical malpractice concern or complications due to a prescription medication? Healthcare and law are two fields so populated by jargon and legal minutia that most of us are stumped at the idea of engaging with the process of taking on both of them together in a medical lawsuit. If you believe that you have sustained injury due to a drug or medical procedure, you may be entitled to a monetary settlement. Talking to a lawyer is the best way to determine if you have a case and the next steps to case.

The rash of recent lawsuits over prescription drug Xarelto is a perfect example of multiple patients realizing they may have a case because of a harmful drug that was recommended to them. Xarelto was prescribed for many patients at the risk of blood clots because it is an anticoagulant. This means it slows the blood clotting mechanism in a patient’s body. Xarelto has been linked to uncontrollable gastrointestinal bleeding. Some patients even reported excessive bleedings in areas such as the brain or the vagina. This dangerous condition led to hospitalization for many and even death in some cases.

Patients and their families are claiming that the Xarelto side effects were not adequately explained to them and that the drug companies involved, namely Bayer and Johnson and Johnson, did not provide adequate warning with their drugs. Furthermore, there is no emergency antidote that counteracts the anticoagulant effects of the drug, making it even more risky if uncontrollable bleeding does occur.

Another well–known instance of a prescription drug recall came just a few years ago: in this case, birth control. Common hormonal forms of birth control are usually packaged in blister packs, and women take a certain number of active pills followed by a few inert pills during their menstrual cycles. Due to a simple packaging error, many packs of pills were released that mixed up the inert pills with the active ones. This means that some women were at risk of pregnancy when they thought they were protected, and some women actually did get pregnant as a result of not having the full-strength pill. In this case, many women received a small monetary settlement from the drug companies in compensation for the mistake made with the medication.

Do you need to hire a Xarelto Lawyer?

So, how can you tell if you have a claim because of a prescription drug? If you have experienced unexpected complications or side effects, or the product was mislabeled or contaminated, you may have the right to receive compensation for the harm done to you. You should contact a lawyer to help you navigate the process of filing a lawsuit. Don’t tolerate sub-par care from your prescription medications! If you or your family member has experienced a serious side-effect of your prescriptions, call (888) 471-8787 or fill out the form on our website. There is no reason to remain unrepresented when there is affordable care available. Our experienced Xarelto lawyers can help determine if you are one of the many entitled to reparations.