Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers

Have been injured using transvaginal mesh? You need to consult with a Transvagial Mesh Lawyer immediately!

There are many cases today that women have been injured with the surgical implant called the transvaginal mesh. This was used to provide permanent remedy for the pelvic organ prolapse. This was used to fix the condition as well as the stress urinary incontinence.

The device was inserted in the vagina as what the term “transvaginal” means and it will resolve the condition. However, there are several side effects that occur and it causes serious injury among women, which put their lives to jeopardy.

Why do women need the transvaginal mesh?

Some women who have just finished child birth experienced such condition as pelvic organ prolapsed or POP. This condition has a huge percentage to occur on women because their pelvic bone and pelvic organ is highly affected during child birth. The baby’s head and body will pass through the pelvic area which cases that particular area to stretch. When that happens it might cause the organs on the pelvic area to prolapse or slip forward. The dislocation or disorientation of the organ can be resolved by inserting a mesh on the particular area on the vagina. The mesh is a net-like structure that helps put the organs back in place.

Another problem is the stress urinary incontinence. This problem is a condition on which the pelvic floor muscles are weak which might be connected to POP. Because of its weakness, it can no longer hold the bladder which causes the urine to come out when pressure is applied. So if the person sneezes, coughs or lifts heavy stuffs, the urine will come out uncontrollably.

The solution to this is the use the mesh and insert in on the particular region in the vagina to support the bladder. This can be done with the help of professional obstetrician and gynecologist.

What are the negative effects of the mesh?

Even though the mesh is designed to help and provide solution for the women’s problem. Some of these implants have caused an even more serious problem. Some of them have experienced infection on the part where the mesh is inserted, organ perforation, and erosion of the tissues of vagina. These are even more serious problems that require women for medication and surgery, which may cost them money and put their lives at stake.

Do you need a Transvaginal Mesh lawyer for this problem?

That depends on you, do you want to seek the compensation you’re entitled to? For most the answer would be OF COURSE! Either way, you need to talk to an expert lawyer to get the process started in the right direction. You don’t deserve to be in constant pain as a result of a defective surgical implant, you and thousands of women just like you are in pain and this is wrong. We’re here to help those victims like you get the compensation they deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact our professional transvaginal mesh lawyers today, our toll free number is (888) 260-9494. Or you can simply fill out the form to the right of this page and we’ll setup a free consultation ASAP. Remember, with Clear Injury, we never charge one penny until we’re successful in getting you fair compensation, you’re in good hands with our vaginal mesh lawyers!