Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

What is Transvaginal Mesh & Why are there so many Transvaginal mesh Lawsuits?

The term transvaginal mesh came from two different terms. The first word “trans-vaginal” which means to enter into the opening part of the vagina. This is not a form of surgery as what another method of this is, where the surgical doctors will insert the mesh through abdomen via surgery. This is less invasive and very easy in comparison. The other term of course is “mesh” which is a net like material that is used to support or hold a particular organ or body part inside the pelvic region. This material is used to support organs like gall bladder, rectum and uterus.

The POP or pelvic organ prolapse is the culprit of many transvaginal mesh procedures. This is the condition in which the muscles on the pelvic floor have weakened. As a result, the muscles cannot hold the bladder, uterus and rectum which cause these organs to drop down or slip forward towards the vaginal region causing tremendous abdominal pains on women. This condition happens after the woman gives birth.

During birth the pelvic muscles are affected because they are involved during the pregnant woman’s labor. This might occur due to prolonged labor hours, or wrong type of procedure during labor. On some point this condition can occur normally due and may not have any clear causes. Therefore, the solution when this condition occurs is using transvaginal mesh. When it goes well, this is great, but it often results in even more pain and discomfort as a result of erosion, and this is why there are so many transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

Are there any side effects when using the mesh?

Unfortunately, there are serious side effects that occur using the mesh. Recent news and updates regarding this material were reports of over 40,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits regarding the serious side effects that these women have experienced.

What are the side effects?

Reports have stated that the serious side effects of the transvaginal mesh are erosion of the tissues of the vagina, infections, and small holes where found on a particular organ where the mesh is placed. These are serious complications which can cost thousands of dollars for surgery and medication and will also put the lives of the women in danger.

So what should you do when this happens to you?

The first thing that you should do is to contact a specialist. It is best if you visit an obstetrician and gynecologist in order to get proper advice and correct medication and revision surgery in order to remove the mesh. It is better to choose those who have the most experience and are considered experts on this particular field.

Can you contact a lawyer for this problem?

Yes, of course! You definitely need an expert transvaginal mesh lawyer to help you go after the manufacturers and seek the compensation you deserve! Clear Injury can help you defend your rights receive proper compensation for the pain and suffering and medical treatments you’ve had to endure. We’re here for you, at no upfront cost whatsoever until a favorable outcome is reached on your behalf.

So if you or a loved one has been injured by a transvaginal mesh implant, please fill out the form on this site or give us a call immediately at (888) 260-9494 for further assistance. We’ll setup a free consultation and help you get your case started in the right direction.

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