Testosterone Side Effects

Testosterone Side Effects and Other Facts You Should Know about This Male Hormone

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is mostly beneficial to those who need it to maintain density and strength of bones, distribution of fats, production of sperm, lean muscle size and strength, red blood cell production, and sex drive.

However, for those who have healthy levels of testosterone or actually go overboard in their HRT with testosterone, you could suffer side effects of testosterone abuse such as abnormal sex drive increases or decreases, male-pattern hair growth on the chin and chest, male-pattern baldness on the top of the head, and acne.

For women undergoing gender transition, bodybuilding, or menopausal symptoms, you’ll get menstrual period changes and an enlarged clitoris. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when taking testosterone, just as it’s not all benefits and muscle gain when taking steroids.

Drastic Changes in the Body

  • Testosterone boosts are perfect for middle-aged or older men with low T-levels. No one else, except maybe older bodybuilders with low T-levels or young women who want to transition into becoming males by gaining T-levels. Regardless, people who lose testosterone because of the normal aging process are the biggest audience or consumers of testosterone pills, creams, supplements, holistic treatments, herbal treatments, or injections. They and patients of hypogonadism who lose T-levels for something other than aging, followed by the bodybuilders with low T-levels and then the women who want to become men through HRT or hormone replacement therapy with testosterone.
  • Are the symptoms of aging triggered by the decline of testosterone? Actually, no. That’s confusing the symptom with the disease or the result with the cause. If anything, it’s actually men who are growing older and their aging that’s causing T-levels to drop, such that T-level decreases are an indication of aging rather than the root cause of it. This is especially apparent when older men tend to have reduced sexual abilities as well as a more muted sexual desire. Their erections may come off as less strong and less often (such that morning wood is nonexistent), and may even lead up to infertility or at least erectile dysfunction.

  • You may need hormone replacement therapy with testosterone if you’re older and your sleep patterns have become altered because of lower T-levels. Some men, thanks to the testosterone reduction, may experience sleep disturbances like insomnia. Your appearance might also change not just because of wrinkles as you grow older but also because of physical changes. With less testosterone, you’ll get decreases in lean muscle mass, decreases in strength, reduction of density and strength of bones, hair loss, tender or swollen breasts or gynecomastia in men, and reduction of energy levels. What’s worse is that, like menopausal women, you might even get hot flashes, too!

The more serious Testosterone Side Effects: Heart attack and stroke!

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