Testosterone Lawyers

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Testosterone Lawyers

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is best done when your testosterone levels (or T-levels) have dipped so low that you’re experiencing changes in appearance. More to the point, if your body has transformed by getting hot flashes, swollen and tender breasts despite being a male (gynecomastia), hair loss, bone strength and density loss, muscle mass and strength loss, and body fat increases, then a bit of testosterone HRT might be called for, but only if you’re low on the male hormone.

Otherwise, something else might be causing this change in your looks and adding testosterone will only make things worse (probably because your T-levels are probably in healthy levels, so you might end up overdosing in testosterone). A testosterone lawyer could be involved as well if you were prescribed the hormone despite not needing it.

The Issues That Could and Couldn’t Be Dealt with Through HRT

  • If having low T-levels is causing you to have emotional issues, then testosterone HRT is called for. The essential male hormone can help boost up your motivation and self-confidence, but it comes at the cost of altering your risk-taking behavior so much that you might take needless risks instead of calculated ones, so beware of overdosing on that agent. If you’re feeling depressed, sad, and have issues in concentration when dealing with important things, then a bit more of testosterone in your life (and your body) might be called for. This is especially true if you’ve gotten to the point of forgetting important issues like paying bills or fixing your finances.

  • Keep in mind that having lowered testosterone, gaining weight, and becoming emotional are some of many symptoms of normal aging. However, if your T-levels become too low and you’re attempting to recapture your youth, build your body, or delay the inevitability of aging, then you can get some HRT for testosterone prescribed by a responsible physician who knows your health and body status inside and out. Health issues such as the symptoms outlined above can be caused by depression, excessive alcohol use, thyroid problems, and medication, so don’t jump into the testosterone therapy bandwagon too eagerly.

  • A responsible doctor will only allow you to get an HRT prescription for injections, creams, pills, capsules, and/or supplements for testosterone after you’ve taken a blood test and they’ve confirmed that you’re suffering from lowered T-levels. Otherwise, putting testosterone in your body when you have a healthy amount of testosterone in it can lead to overdose or even dire side effects like enlargement of breasts (yes, this is also a symptom of testosterone overdose), acne and other skin reactions, sperm production reduction, testicle shrinkage (since you’re getting your testosterone elsewhere), and polycythemia (wherein your body is triggered into producing excessive amounts of red blood cells).

You might even suffer from sleep apnea, noncancerous growth on the prostate, and other related complications from taking too much testosterone. If you’ve suffered from these risks because your physician or testosterone provider hasn’t informed you thoroughly of them, promising that you’ll get instantaneous testosterone benefits without checking your T-levels, or especially if you’ve encountered heart attack or stroke while taking Low-T products, make sure you reach out to our testosterone lawyers immediately, we’re here to help, just fill out the form on this page or give us a call and we’ll be in touch ASAP!