What is Testosterone Therapy?

What Is Testosterone Therapy and the Legal Repercussions Associated with It?

Testosterone benefits are nothing short of amazing, the same way steroid benefits are nothing short of amazing when it comes to building muscle and gaining muscular mass. Testosterone, like steroids, can increase your lean muscle mass but comes with additional benefits such as improvement of memory and concentration, increases in your energy levels and stamina,  and raising your overall sex drive.

However, like anything else, you can have too much of a good thing. You should only undergo testosterone therapy if you’re legitimately lacking testosterone levels or if you’re already aging and your testosterone reserves need replenished. If you’re a man of 40 years of age, then that’s the perfect time to consult with a doctor about supplementing with testosterone to reclaim your manhood and find another avenue for anti-aging or youthful vigor. However, nothing good in life comes without it’s risks and some of those risks could be potentially fatal such as heart attack and stroke!

The Truth about Testosterone

  • With that said, if you’re 25 years old and in peak condition, more testosterone can actually do you more harm than good; in other words, you should only supplement when you absolutely need to, and you don’t need more testosterone if your body already has ample testosterone on its own. On the other hand, if you’re transgendered and you’re looking for ways to transition from female to male, you should also be careful of your testosterone doses because you can have a testosterone overdose that could drive you crazy since you’re transitioning from having estrogen to having testosterone.

  • Humans aren’t built for sudden change because every change a human takes tends to be for a long-term rather than the short term. Therefore, you should give yourself leeway when transitioning from girl to boy when it comes to testosterone dosage. Let your body adjust as well as your mind, or else you might become overwhelmed by suddenly getting urges you didn’t normally get when you ended up in a girl’s body. The benefits that testosterone gets only come about with people who don’t have testosterone in the first place, like old men and women transitioning to manhood.

  • Too much testosterone can cause acne, male-pattern hair growth, increase or decrease in sex drive, and so forth. For women, you might get enlargement of clitoris and changes in menstrual periods. If you notice any of these symptoms of too much testosterone, call your doctor as soon as possible. Furthermore, you might even suffer from emotional outbursts and increased risk taking since that sort of behavior is directly associated with having too much testosterone. You might become too aggressive for your own good, even in situations where it’s not called for, so you should make sure you have testosterone deficiency before taking testosterone.

  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, testosterone therapy has been linked to heart attack and stroke, with many fatal cases reported. Many lawsuits are arising out of this discovery, and we’re representing clients who feel they or a loved one has been injured due to low-t therapy drugs.

Have you been injured from Testosterone Therapy?

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