Risperdal Side Effects

Why Risperdal is Prescribed, Where It’s Effective

The trade and generic name of Risperdal is Risperidone. This is known to be an antipsychotic medication that is mainly used for the purpose of treating schizophrenia, which includes the adolescent schizophrenia, the manic and mixed states of bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and the irritability of the people who’ve been diagnosed with autism. For people who have mental disorders,

Risperdal is quite substantial in terms of being an efficient remedy, as it stabilizes the patient, and is very useful for therapy and reduces any kind of relapse. The effects of stabilization are without a doubt long-lasting. In comparison to other antipsychotic drugs, it is deemed to be better tolerated by the patients.

For those who have autism,  Risperdal is acknowledged to have the same results to placebos. And ultimately, with the observation and monitoring of the autistic patients, it has unmistakably abridged specific and particular problematic behaviors, especially in autistic children. As you may have known, an autistic child or adult would have mood changes in rapid and irrational speed, as a result, it is quite difficult to make appease to them or to manage their manners. So in these cases doctors often recommend a placebo instead of Risperdal, to try and first avoid any possible side effects. There are a number of alternative pharmacological treatments in the market of these times; however, Risperdal appears to provide enhanced and astounding efficiency for the vast majority of mental illness.

The Distinctive Risperdal Side Effects

With any drug comes pros and cons. The pros of risperdal are evident, it’s helped treat conditions such as bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia in patients of all ages. But there’s also an alarming amount of negative side effects one should consider before agreeing to start taking this drug, some of which include:

  • Diabetes
  • Substantial weight gain
  • Stroke
  • Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the side effect that thousands of users are currently seeking lawsuits and settlements for. This is the condition where a male user develops breasts.

Have you developed Gynecomastia or other Risperdal Side Effects?

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No one deserves to be suffering as a result of a prescription medication. The purpose of medicine is to treat a condition or a symptom of a condition, not to create more problems. Unfortunately that’s what many drugs like Risperdal and Invega are doing to their users, they are fixing or treating one problem and creating a few more. This has got to stop, and the only way to fight back is to hold the drug companies accountable for their actions. If more people who’ve developed Risperdal side effects start speaking out and taking legal action, the drug manufacturers will think twice before releasing a destructive medication in the future, saving countless lives.  Let us help you get the compensation you deserve, give us a call today!