Power Morcellators Lawsuit

Should You File a Power Morcellator Lawsuit?

Surgical devices like power morcellators are developed to cure illnesses of their patients. But what happens when these devices are the cause of your sickness? Is there anything that you can do? If you have become a victim of these treatments, you have the right to seek fair compensation. All you have to do is file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Once you have won the trial or reached a fair settlement, the manufacturer is responsible for giving you compensation awarded by the judge, or through litigation. We have an experienced legal team who has taken on many Power Morcellators Lawsuits, we can help you today, just fill out the form on the right of this page or give us a call!

But first, you need to know the main purpose of this device and how a power morcellator affects patients who have undergone this process.

What Is a Power Morcellator?

Power Morcellators are surgical devices which are used for removing fibroids and non-malignant growths that are found in the uterus. It is also used for performing surgeries like hysterectomies and kidney and spleen operations. The device is inserted in the body through small incisions to remove the tissue after shredding and cutting them.

However, the Food and Drug Administration discovered that this device is not safe to use. People who had undergone this surgery now have cancer. And the worst part is that they have discovered that they already have the big C when it reaches the last stage.

The FDA banned this device in the hospitals and clinics so surgeons won’t use it any longer. Manufacturers like Johnson and Johnson stopped selling this device so they could no longer harm the health of every patient who was supposed to undergo this procedure.

According to the FDA, one out of 350 women may be at risk of getting cancer after they have undergone this procedure. Benign and malignant tumors will start to grow in different parts of the body, particularly in the abdominal cavity. So if you had undergone this treatment, you need to go to a specialist just to ensure that you don’t have cancer.

What If You Already Have Cancer as a result of Power Morcellators?

But if you already have cancer, not because of hereditary reasons but because of power morcellators, all you can do is to undergo a treatment and pray that you will be healed. But if you want to get justice for your situation that isn’t your fault, and should have never happened to you in the first place, you may file a lawsuit against the surgeon or in most cases than not, the manufacturer. Filing a case against them can get you the compensation that you deserve. You may use it for paying for your treatments and other hospital bills since it’s their fault why you’ve got cancer.

A lot of power morcellator patients have already taken legal action and you can do the same. You might think that there is no hope, especially if you don’t have a budget for treating your deteriorating illness. But if you will file for a lawsuit and you win the case, your treatments and hospital bills won’t be a problem no more since they will pay all of your expenses. If they agreed but didn’t keep their promises, you may file another case against them for not helping you financially.

But of course, all these things won’t happen if you don’t hire a medical malpractice lawyer. If you are looking for a medical malpractice attorney, then you should pick up your phone and dial (888) 260-9494. You may also visit their website, www.clearinjury.com to get in touch with their lawyers. They will help you until you get the justice that you deserve. Make a call now!