Mirena Lawsuits

Complications with Mirena? Start a Lawsuit Now

As time passes by, the number of women who are experiencing complications because of Mirena are starting to grow which totally alarms the medical industry right now. Mirena is one of the most popular birth control that is being considered and used by a lot of women out there especially because it could be effective for as long as five years ever since it has been inserted in their uterus. It has been available in the market for years already and was proven to be one of the most reliable contraceptive to be used.

According to a number of records and researches, there could only be less than one percent of women who might get pregnant while having Mirena inside their uterus which could make more of them assured on the benefits of it. However, despite the use and effectiveness of it as birth control, there come a number of side effects and complications that starting to worry and shake off the mind of different women who are using it.

Why do I need Mirena?

Mirena is specifically design in order to help women to avoid getting pregnant while they are still not ready for their responsibility. This could be used for five years onwards and is proven to be very effective contraceptives in the market right now.

What are the complications of Mirena?

There are a number of complications that has been reportedly being experienced by a lot of women out there and the most common reasons behind this is the doctor’s malpractice in which they failed to do and follow the right process of inserting Mirena inside the uterus of their patients. With that, this may caused internal bleeding, cancer and even death depending on the situation.

Actually, just like any other contraceptives out there, there could be side effects you can experience like mood swings, headache and abdominal pain which could be considered as normal already. But, there are some women who would not just experience those kinds of things and would suffer from more complications that could be worse.

I have internal bleeding, should I file a Mirena Lawsuit?

The decision on whether you have to file a lawsuit against your doctor or in the Bayer Pharmaceuticals would greatly depend on your unique situation and on the complications you have experienced while using Mirena. Either way you need to consult with an experienced lawyer who can guide you in the right direction when it comes to Mirena lawsuits, Clear Injury has the experience with Mirena you need to get the compensation you need!

What to Do Now?

If you or a loved one has experienced adverse side effects such as internal bleeding from taking Mirena, you need to consult with an experienced team of lawyers who can guide you in the right direction with your Mirena lawsuit. Our lawyers have plenty of experience working with Mirena cases and have achieved countless settlements for victims of the birth control drug. This is serious – you do not deserve to be suffering from an irreversible condition that was never disclosed to you as a possibility when it was prescribed. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call toll free, we’re here for you!