What is Mirena?

Using Mirena: What You Should Know

Getting the right and the best birth control has been a common challenge to most people out there especially that there could be a lot for them to choose from and one of it is the Mirena. The Mirena refers to the kind of IUD or the hormonal intrauterine device that is being inserted to the uterus of a woman and serves as a contraception ideal for longer period of time.

This could be used for about five years or more depending on the choice and settlement you have chosen together with your doctor. But, aside from those things, there are more for you to know and understand about Mirena especially because it has been a common topic in the market right now.

What is Mirena?

Just like what is mentioned earlier, the Mirena is a form of contraceptives ideal to be used for longer period of time which helps the couple or women to prevent getting pregnant with a specific number of years. The Mirena is a T shaped kind of plastic frame that is responsible in releasing a certain kind of progestin inside the uterus of a woman. Once the Mirena started to thicken out along with the cervical mucus, this could help in preventing the sperm to reach and meet the eggs that will be released during a sexual intercourse.

The Mirena might also thins out the lining of a woman’s uterus and help it in suppressing the ovulation that would possibly happen. If you are going to do more researches about Mirena, you would be able to notice that it is the only kind of hormonal IUD that was able to get the approval of the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration. According to researches, the Mirena might possibly prevent pregnancy for about five years after it has been inserted in the uterus.

Why women choose this kind of contraception?

There could be a lot of women out there who would consider using and choosing Mirena because of different reasons. If you are wondering about this then you may want to know the common reasons they consider which the following below are:

  • This is used for longer period of time which means that you can prevent getting pregnant for about five years and be assured in the sexual activities you are going to have.

  • There is no need for you to ask for the help of your partner in order to set this up and you are not going to have interruptions while having sex.

  • It could help in decreasing and lessening the pain you are experiencing during menstrual cycle.


Have you suffered serious side effects from Mirena?

If you or a loved one is suffering from the possible risks and side effects of Mirena, there is no use in keeping quiet and hiding your experiences. There are a number of women who are already having a difficult time with this and you don’t have to be one of them. If you need help, you should call our experienced lawyers today at (888) 260-9494. We have a number of Mirena specialists and lawyers that could help you seek appropriate legal compensation.