Lipitor and Type-2 Diabetes

Learn about the link between Lipitor and Type-2 Diabetes

Lipitor is a prescribed medicine or drug that is used to lower the bad cholesterol and increases the rate of good cholesterol in the body. You see, we have two types of cholesterols, the bad and the good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol are the cholesterols that block the passages of the blood  and potentially clog the arteries. This will eventually lead to heart attack or stroke, which can inevitably result in death.

The good cholesterol on the other hand, is a sweeper. It cleans the passageway of the blood so that the blood will flow smoothly. These can also be found on the food that we eat. But in cases that the person has an excessive amount of bad cholesterol in the body, the Lipitor is prescribed by doctors to boost the effect of bad cholesterol reduction and good cholesterol increase.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which the body no longer has insulin or is resistant to insulin. Insulin is responsible for breaking the body’s sugar and converts it to energy. If the body does not have enough insulin to convert it to sugar, the person will experience complications and will eventually lead to amputations and other problems.

There are two types of diabetes. One is the insulin deficiency diabetes where the body lacks insulin to burn its glucose or sugar. The other is the insulin resistant diabetes where the body has enough insulin or has insulin and yet the body cannot use it. Either of the two types can cause problems in the health of a person.

How is diabetes related to Lipitor?

Recent study shows that even though the statin drug was made to help lower bad cholesterol (a good thing), there is definitely a link between Lipitor and Type-2 Diabetes.  This is insulin resistance diabetes which is usually considered as the most common type. It was discovered that the statin has something to do with the malfunction of the pancreas. The pancreas of the body is responsible for producing insulin.

The risk had taken into a larger scale because the product Lipitor had been popular in the United States. This is because more are suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. That is why more people have experienced type-2 diabetes.

What should you do if you suffer type-two diabetes because of Lipitor?

The first thing that you should do is consult with your doctor and most likely (depending on what they advise) stop taking the medication. In legal matters, those who have taken Lipitor and then developed type-2 diabetes may be eligible to receive monetary compensation. You can contact a lawyer experienced in Lipitor cases and if  you qualify, potentially file a lawsuit.

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