What is Lipitor

What are the Side Effects of Lipitor?

Are you having a problem with your cholesterol levels? Do you need to do something in order to keep your bad cholesterol in check? If this is the situation, it’s likely your doctor has pointing you in the direction of Lipitor. This may be the drug to solve your cholesterol issues, but it could also be the drug to give you Type-2 Diabetes. Overall, Lipitor is known to be a highly effective medication because it has treated millions of individuals around the world. Those suffering from high cholesterol and other related problems and complications may find much delight in such a drug as Lipitor, when cholesterol levels in the blood are lowered, the bodies natural response is generally very positive. This is the obvious benefit of taking a statin drug like Lipitor, but the side effects are very real as well, and they need to be considered, more on that later.

Lowering Cholesterol

Lowering the cholesterol should be the goal for lots of people out there. This might lower the risk of a person to suffer from heart disease, heart attack, stroke and even the hardening of arteries.

Compared to various prescription medications out there, Lipitor may go with side effects that can be realized throughout the treatment itself. Do not believe those individuals who say that there are related problems in liver and muscle with the use of the above mentioned drug. This rarely happens. For those who are to take Lipitor, they have to get in touch with their doctor first. This is the initial step. It is fine to notice unexplainable and unusual occurrences like the muscle pain, tenderness and weakness. All of these may happen and it is just natural to experience such. These will be critical most especially as a person experiences symptoms of gastrointestinal pains, flu, dark urine, unexplained fatigue and even pale stools. These are early signs of other conditions, like muscle or liver difficulties.

If by any chance, there are side effects which cannot be avoided, it is suggested for the treatment to be discontinued. Arranging a visit to a certain emergency room will also be of great help in this juncture. If for example, the emergency room is not even perceived as a solution, calling a doctor immediately will be the answer for this. This is for certain.

The Serious Side Effects of Lipitor

There are serious side effects including rusted or decreased colored in urine, allergic reactions, and even usual blurry vision. Individuals who are to take the medication must be ready for the problems that may come across the use of the mentioned. There is nothing to worry because for sure, it will not be as serious as pain. But then, there is still a slight chance for the happening of the mentioned. There are other manifestations that may be observed too like excess gas, headache, upset stomach, nausea and even rashes. All of these may happen eventually.  While these are the normal and fully disclosed side effects, there is also a link between Lipitor & Type II diabetes. Those taking Lipitor who have developed diabetes need to consult with our legal experts today.  Call (888) 260-9494 or fill out the form on this site and our lawyers can help you seek the compensation you deserve!