Zimmer Hip Replacements

Zimmer Hip Replacement Benefits and Side Effects

The hip is one of the largest bones in the body. And this part is very crucial to many things that we do. The hip is responsible for the bodily support and posture aside from the spine. This is also responsible for the mechanical balance of the body. Without the hip, the body will lose control of its stance including the feet and the body will also lose strength. The body also has a lot of ways in order to protect the hip and the spine. The body will naturally deposit fat on top of the hip in order to cushion any pressure that will be placed on top of the body. This will strengthen the connection between the spine and the hip.

Hip Ailments

Any body part is vulnerable to ailments. The hip may be the largest and one of the most dynamic bones in the body but this does not mean that they are not vulnerable to ailments. Arthritis is one of the most common ailments that the hip can acquire. This is caused by the movement of several connections in the hip like the leg connection and the spine connection. Due to the movement, some surfaces of the hip are being scraped and this causes a lot of pain especially for older people.

Curing Hip Ailments

One of the best cures for hip ailments whether it is caused by arthritis or injury is hip replacement. The name says it all; the damaged part of the hip will be replaced. This is done by creating an incision and replacing the damaged part using metal, plastic or ceramic parts. The surgery will usually take 2 to 4 hours. This includes the custom fitting of the synthetic part to the natural hipbone. This surgery will have very limited possibilities of complications because of the fact that the materials that are being used are compatible with the bone. The parts can also support the normal activities of the body. On top of that, because of the custom fitting of these parts the hip will have less possibilities of arthritis anymore.

The Downside of Zimmer Hip Replacements

The most dangerous downside of a Zimmer hip replacement is the risk of metallosis. This is a kind of complication that is characterized by the dramatic increase of the metal components in the blood. This can affect a lot of the body’s natural actions since it will slowly poison the blood, the liver, and then the brain. If these complications are not cured immediately the person will more likely die a painful death.

The parts should also be checked regularly since they are synthetic and they would definitely have some effects to the body. The white blood cells would identify them as foreign bodies and would try to eradicate them. This process would result to the production of liquid which should be removed from the body. These cases should not happen. This is because the doctors should have checked the compatibility of everything before applying the surgery. This is a fatal mistake and can easily lead to the loss of life. The people who have suffered from these kinds of complications should should usually seek fair compensation for their pain and suffering. In order to secure a positive outcome, they need the help of an aggressive legal defense. If you or a loved one has suffered from a Zimmer hip replacement surgery, you can our lawyers toll free at (888) 260 9494. Don’t delay, get the help you need today!