Wright Medical Hip Replacements

What is hip surgery and what are the considerations in comprise of?

The hip joint is made up of two major surfaces – these are the acetabulum and the femoral head. The latter, femoral head is named appropriately. This is the curved safe which is found on top of the femur, or the long thigh bone. This is the one attached to acetabulum. This acetabulum is the socket that the femoral head is attached to. The same is also true with that of the hip pivots. When there are severe injuries concerning the hips, the first thing that will be required is a hip replacement. One of the leading manufacturers of hip replacement prosthetics is Wright Medical Hip Replacements.

Wright Medical Hip Replacements

A hip replacement is a requirement whenever there are injuries concerning the hips. This also goes with chronic hip joint which is too painful as well. Whenever there is total hip replacement involved, both of the mentioned parts are to be replaced. This will occur with the use of metals. This is how the replacement works. The surgery cost for this will be dependent upon the surgeon’s skill. The same is also true with the material which is purposed for the replacement of the hip itself. Total hip replacements can be done through extensive damage. This may be observable through the hip joint parts. These may cause significant day which has to be agonized all through the day. They even say that there is no longer other way in order for this to be fixed. This is quite alarming, right? The bone in this juncture might have to be removed or sometimes, reshaped.

What are the steps in hip replacement surgery?

There are procedures that have to be observed all the time. These are of the following:

  1. First of all, the surgeon will start by opening the hips. They will be sliced open.

  2. The doctor will carefully cut through and then, various muscles are to be separated. The same will happen with the ligaments which are seen in the way. The surgeon will then proceed to the exposed hip joint.

  3. The femoral head will have to be removed and even dislocated from the identified joint.

  4. When the acetabulum is cleared already, there should no longer be damage and reshaping happening. This is when the new replacement of acetabulum will have to be inserted.

  5. The femur top will be sawn off. This will be replaced with that of the one newly inserted.

When the surgery is completed already, there is a possibility for the person to be left in the hospital. There might be a need for resting for weeks or two. The condition will be then monitored by many doctors. There is only a low rate of complication. This may be involved in the hip surgery itself. Crutches can also be gotten rid of. This is the time when the individual is allowed to go home right away.

Have you suffered injuries after a Wright Medical Hip Replacement?

The above mentioned are just among the many things that have to be observed in the Wright Medical hip replacement surgery itself. If you feel like you have been mistreated or misinformed pre-op and you have had complications with your Weight Medical Hip Replacement, you have rights that can and should be explored. Just call our lawyers at (888) 260-9494 and do not settle for the discomfort and pain. You don’t deserve this suffering! This should not have happened to you – not in any way. If you or a loved one is actively suffering from a hip replacement complication, do not fail to contact Clear Injury today!