Metal Poisoning & Metallosis

Why Are Medical Issues About Metal Poisoning and Metallosis Occurring with Hip Replacement Surgeries?

A well known possible outcome from a metal on metal hip replacement surgery, doctors are now informing their patients of this possibility since it is known that it can and does happen. Metal poisoning can also occur, due to the metallic forms and doses that enter the bloodstream. If a patient is not compatible with the metal used for the hip replacement surgery, a serious metal toxicity health concern can emerge. Doctors typically make certain that the metal materials which they’ve chosen for the surgery do not cause such a predicament. However in many situations, complications still arise, and metal poisoning is an inevitable risk.

Metallosis occurs when metal debris interact with a patient’s soft tissue. Since metals are used for medical implants, doctors do not entirely rule out the possibilities of this problem. From the studies conducted and through the frequent monitoring schedules of the doctors, it’s been known that there are patients who are entirely sensitive to the implants. While the reasons for this is unknown, doctors all over the world who have administered metal replacement surgeries make it a point to inform and educate their patients of these health issues.

What Are The Actions Which Can Be Taken Before Surgery?

Doctors are well aware of their patient’s health and would do their best to offer the most substantial and proficient medical treatment and assistance for their patients. For example, to avoid any problems with the metal toxicity, doctors will order a testing for poisoning. And the test is expected to revolve around each and every classification of the metals to be used for the surgery to make certain that their patient’s health is paramount. For metallosis, constant monitoring and physical health examinations are often called for from the doctors and surgeons, for the simplest signs and symptoms are imperative to be caught on to administer an appropriate treatment.

Are you suffering from Metal Poisoning or Metallosis?

There are a lot of Metallosis lawsuits and Metal Poisioning lawsuit cases due to post-surgical complications from hip replacement surgeries. If you or a loved one is suffering from such a condition, it’s strongly advised to consult with an experienced lawyer with experience in these types of cases. Fill out the form to the right of this page or call our Metallosis lawyers via our toll free number at (888) 260-9494 today!