Hip Replacement Lawyer

Seek Legal Assistance for Hip Replacement Complications

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common types of medical procedures seen today. Later in our lives, our hips typically end up wearing down, specifically the hip joint. When this happens we have two options. Overly medicate on dangerous opiates or replace the faulty hip and take our chances with a hip replacement surgery. The latter is the best and only treatment recommended for patients who have fractures on their hip joint and could not make use of alternative therapies to cure and treat it.  Even considering this kind of surgery is already trusted and performed often by the medical industry, the procedure also comes with a number of complications, risks and malpractice cases. That is actually a common downfall and problem of the medical industry right now and as time passes by, the numbers of patients who are filing hip replacement cases are growing by an alarming rate. It’s not a good situation to be in,  and  those facing a hip replacement should be aware of the possible complications involved. If you’ve already had the procedure, are currently experiencing complications, and you were not made aware of the potential for post-surgical metallosis or metal poisoning, you should definitely consult with our top rated hip replacement lawyers ASAP!

What is hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery refers to the kind of surgery that is being done in order to replace the fractured hip joint of the patient or even to cure and relieve pain from arthritis. There are two kinds of hip replacement – the total and the half. The total hip replacement surgery replaces the whole hip joint while the half only changes and replaces a certain part of it. The possible kind of surgery you are going to have would depend on the current condition you have as well as the recommendation of your doctor.

Are you a victim of hip replacement malpractice?

Almost all surgeries have their own risks and drawbacks, and the hip replacement is certainly not immune. If you have experienced complications from hip replacement, even the simplest and the easiest problem and your doctor did not assist or help you to cope up with it, that is malpractice and you may deserve compensation from your surgeon.

There are also times that you might experience other complications like loosening, infections, blood clots and others that could worsen your current medical problem if not treated properly. Actually, this may even lead to death if you are not aware of your situation, or you intend to simply keep quiet about it. The first time you feel pain and abnormalities after your surgery is the right time to seek medical assistance.

Am I qualified to take hip replacement lawsuit?

Some hip replacement complications can be settled and cured through different medications. However, if the problem you are facing is big and has already caused a number of medical issues, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the surgeon or the hospital responsible.

When to talk to a Hip Replacement Lawyer?

As soon as you have realized that you are a victim of hip replacement malpractice, you have to seek legal advice and file a lawsuit.

Take Action Now!

If you or someone you know are currently experiencing hip replacement complications and need legal help, don’t think twice about asking for legal assistance from different hip replacement lawyers out there. There is no one that could make a change if you are not going to start now. For better legal help and assistance, you may want to call  (888) 260-9494 or fill out the form that is provided on the right of this page. We have a number of hip replacement lawyers in our network that could possibly help you get the fair compensation you deserve!