Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Filing a Hip Replacement Lawsuit: Experiencing Complications with Hip Replacement?

Whether you are experiencing arthritis or have a fracture in your hip, chances are you’ve had to undergo a major hip replacement surgery. This type of surgery is being conducted globally on patients who can’t make use of alternative and holistic therapies and other medications in order to cure or treat the problems they’re experiencing. The hip replacement is a kind of surgery refers to the replacement of the hip joint in your body and replaced by prosthetics, and in many cases can result in serious post-surgery complications.

Despite the number of successful stories of people who’ve underwent hip replacement, there are also an alarmingly large number of cases wherein patients have experienced serious complications after their surgeries. There are different complications associated in this kind of surgery, and in many cases patients were not informed of the possibility of metallosis or metal poisoning prior to going under. If you’ve fallen victim to serious post-surgical complications, you should consider consulting with our attorneys to discuss the possibility of filing a hip replacement lawsuit.

What are the complications of hip replacement?

There could be many complications connected to and reportedly being experienced by different people because of hip replacement. Some of those complications may include the following:

  • Blood clots – clots could start forming in the veins of your legs after surgery. Clots can be dangerous, especially if they start to break off and eventually go to your heart and lungs. In some cases, blood clots can even reach your brain.

  • Infections – infections are normal in many kinds of surgeries, but with hip replacement, the infection may occur in the incision and could go deeper from into your tissue. Most infections can be treated by different antibiotics, but if the infection is already spread, additional surgery may be required.

  • Fracture – during your surgery, there are some parts of your hip joint that can fracture. There are times that the fractures could be only small and might heal on their own. If not, there is a need for it to be corrected with the use of pins, wires, or even bone grafts.

  • Loosening – if the doctor failed to actually let the soft tissues of your body build up in the replacement that he put on you, loosening could start to happen. This often results in the need for additional surgeries. There is a chance that your body might not be able to take that kind of punishment. If you have experienced any kind of complications from the above mentioned, it is better for you to seek help from your doctor. If they fail to help you, the next thing you can do is to ask for legal help.

Do I qualify for a hip replacement lawsuit?

Whether or not you are qualified for a lawsuit, it is important for you to seek legal assistance in this kind of matter, especially if you have experienced different complications as a result of your hip replacement surgery. It doesn’t always have to be a life threatening complication to get fair compensation, and we here at Clear Injury encourage you to exercise your right to file a hip replacement lawsuit when the need arises.

If you’ve experienced serious complications because of hip replacement and your doctor did not warn you before hand, it is now your right and responsibility to get the help you need. Staying quiet and keeping the pain to yourself will cause you to suffer for the rest of your days. That isn’t right. No one should  have to suffer as a result of a surgery that was supposed to improve their well being. If you’re a victim of a faulty hip replacement, fill out the form provided on the right and get us up to speed with your situation. You can also call us anytime via our toll free number at (888) 260-9494. We do have a number of specialists that could help you in getting the compensation by way of a hip replacement lawsuit.  Don’t wait! Time is of the essence!