DePuy ASR Hip Recall

DePuy ASR Hip Recall Update and your Compensations Rights

As of November 2014, there are still more settlement cases for DePuy’s ASR Hip Resurfacing system flop, as well as the recall from August, 2010. Johnson & Johnson, the parent company, is still deciding if they are going to settle more than 1,000 lawsuits of recalled ASR implant removals that occurred in August of 2013. Also, J&J have agreed to pay an average of $250,000 per surgery including medical related costs of about 8,000 cases.

Despite the billions of dollars spent for resolving these cases, there seems to be more. There are still many patients who received the surgery and haven’t experienced the defects of the parts but are contemplating filing for a settlement case. With all these issues and settlements going on, let us find out more of the firm and the system that started it all.

Depuy Orthopaedic, Inc. and ASR Resurfacing System

In 1998, Johnson & Johnson acquired the orthopaedic and neurosurgery franchise as part of the other Medical Devices & Diagnostics group. It must have been a lucrative and ambitious acquisition of the global leading healthcare enterprise. By 2005, the company started to make the ASR XL Acetabular System in the US, promising users relief and improvement in movement.

Their system involves hip resurfacing as an alternative to THR, or Total Hip Replacement. This means that a cobalt-chrome metal cap (hollow and mushroom shaped) is placed in the pelvis socket. The procedure replaces the damaged surfaces of the hip joint of the person with as little bone removed unlike to a THR. Synovial fluid will flow between the surfaces of the implanted bearing, lubricating when they are positioned correctly, as the hips are moved.

The J&J acquired franchise offers this kind of metal-on-metal articulating device through ASR Hip Resurfacing system opted by patients more than THR even though both procedures involves the ball in the femur. The only difference is that THR requires the ball to cut off and replaced by either the same material or very hard plastic; while the other retains it and less bone is removed to fit the cap.

Other advantages are:

  • Revision will be easy when it is required since the femur bone is still intact;
  • less ‘stress shielding’ since the retained part will serve its natural mechanical characteristics despite the load and;

  • Less disturbance within the bone because it is alive than the synthetic one with THR.

A Downhill situation lead to a wide-scale DePuy ASR Hip Recall

As the saying goes, ‘when you are on top, be careful you might fall’. Despite the success, they are now subject with on-going lawsuits and settlement cases since 2008 as an approximated of 400 patient complaints who received ASR hip replacements. DePuy together with its parent company, J&J finally declared an ASP hip recall to all the patients and warning advisories to doctors regarding their product with a proven high failure rate.

The list of common complaints about the product:

  • Hip displacement

  • Loose ASR cup

  • Allergic reaction and Pseudo-tumors or soft tissue mass formed caused by the metallic debris

  • Cobalt or chromium poisoning

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