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The Complications of DePuy Hip Replacement. Lawsuits on the Rise!

Are you thinking of getting a surgical procedure for hip replacement, or have you already? There are almost 200,000 surgeries annually being performed for the purpose of hip replacement in the United States alone. For most of the time, 90% of individuals succeed in this. What this means is that they do not face any problems during or after getting a hip replacement. However, approximately 10% come with a problem. This is where the risk lies. There is always a chance and possibility for the mentioned to occur. When this happens, you may be able to seek compensation by way of a DePuy lawsuit!

Surgery Complications Involved for Hip Replacement

  • Nerve damage – this is where the sciatic nerve is accidentally cut during the surgery itself. It may be close or near in proximity to the hip joint capsule. This may be the very same nerve which can turn out to be over-stretched during the process of hip manipulation. This may always occur, too.This will depend upon the extent of the nerve damage. There are instances when the damage is temporary; however, there are times when they are permanent. These may be caused by the muscle power loss. This feeling may be seen in various parts of the legs. This makes patients numb, most especially during the incision. There are times when the mentioned is permanent already.
  • Vascular Damage – this pertains to direct trauma all the time. This also involves the blood vessels in the area which is to undergo surgery. The damaged blood vessel will most likely be repaired. This will be made possible through a vascular surgeon who can be caught in time.
  • Femur fracture – this is when a massive amount of force has been applied during the procedure of the surgery. This may result to femoral shaft fracture. This may be addressed during a surgery. However, the only thing is that it would still lead to extended rehabilitation of the patient later on. The surgeon will also do something in order for weight to be placed in the person. This will be quite obvious as the individual will have restrictions seen while he is walking.
  • Leg length discrepancy – in various cases, there is a chance to find same length legs. This happens as an aftermath of a surgical hip. This cannot be avoided. It may even deliberate later on as the muscles improve in order for the hip to be stabilized. For example, the excess is more than a quarter; there will be a call to undergo a shoe lift in this juncture. The shortening of leg does not happen all the time. When it does, it is merely the result of dislocation.
  • Anesthetic complications – complications may also take place later on. There are times when death is even the result. The anesthesiologist will have to explain the risks involved regarding this. These have to be observed prior to the surgery itself.

You may be entitled to compensation from a DePuy Lawsuit. Many have filed DePuy Lawsuits already. Don’t wait too long!

Complications from surgery can be a life-altering situation. You don’t deserve to be in pain! If you’re suffering, we urge you to explore your options with our experienced personal injury lawyers. We have experience working with DePuy Lawsuits and may be able to get you the compensation you and your family desperately needs. If you are suffering, it’s a good idea to call (888) 260-9494 today. Don’t delay, we provide the legal assistance DePuy victims need. If wrongdoing has been committed right after a hip surgery, patients must not keep quiet. Hold the manufacturers accountable so that others don’t have to suffer in the future. You have the right to speak up and seek a DePuy lawsuit. No one should ever settle for a lower quality of life, when the medical manufacturers force your hand! They should have to make it right!