DePuy Hip Replacement

Is there a Squeak in your Hip after a DePuy Hip Replacement? This might help you!

The hip is known medically as ‘os coxae’ in Latin. When we feel it with our hands we can’t tell it’s structure, but when we look at a single frame in an X-ray, we can clearly see each person’s hip is made up of 3 bones; the ilium, the pubis and the ischium. These three bones are completely fused together. Female and male hips are noticeably different from one another. Females have more delicate and shallow, larger and more circular with less sloped ilia, while the latter are of superior aperture.

The hip joint’s role is to support the body weight in stationary and moving positions like standing, running or walking, and the hip also provides balance and support for the back and spine.

When the hips don’t lie

The hips are not just important but they’re also one of the most used and heavily relied upon components of the human body. So naturally, the hips are susceptible to wear and tear over time. As the body ages, the hips become more brittle and can easily be broken or dislocated.

When those hips don’t lie and start to make movement unbearable with pain and immobility, something’s wrong. Getting an X-ray and a thorough evaluation from an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon is strongly advised. In many cases, a DePuy hip replacement may be the recommended solution from your orthopaedic surgeon.

DePuy Hip Replacement and Surgery

Hip replacement is an operating procedure in which the patient’s hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Common reasons why people undergo this operation are:

  • To relieve pain

  • Hips to work better

  • Improve walking and other movements

  • Hip fractures

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (disease causing joint pain, stiffness and swelling)

  • Osteonecrosis (bone joints die due to a disease)

  • Break out of bone Tumours in the hip area

Commonly used materials for the alternate parts are metal and ceramic or very hard plastic to change the upper end of the femur’s ball, attached on the hip socket in the pelvic bone and resurface it. The DePuy Orthopaedics of Johnson & Johnson offers an ASR Hip Resurfacing or the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System for this type of surgery.

Are there Risks associated with a DePuy Hip Replacement?

Every medical procedure has its benefits and also its fair share of risks. The risks in regards with a DePuy Hip Replacement operation are both during surgery and during recovery. Serious side effects may occur months and even years after the surgery. Many of these risks are disclosed in full by the doctors prior to a patient ever agrees to going under the scalpel, but others (such as metallosis) were not disclosed until recent years.

Examples of risks are:

  • Blood clots

  • Infection on the surgical wound and due to the artificial materials implanted

  • Nerve injury

  • Hip dislocation

  • Loose ASR cup

  • Allergic reaction and Pseudo-tumours(soft tissue mass formed) due to metallic debris

  • Cobalt or chromium poisoning (metallosis)

DePuy Orthopaedics have designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed these reconstructing products. But the very same company is now facing and subject to more than 11,000 lawsuits due to the risky and after surgery negative effects of their products on more than 93,000 patients they treated.

DePuy Hip Replacement Recall

In August 2010, the orthopaedic company has issued a voluntary recall of their products when they were finally proven of a 5 year and higher failure rate; 12% of the patients who received the ASR mechanisms needed a revision operation; and negative medical side effects despite the defective parts were removed. Those who had a DePuy hip replacement prior to August 2010 may especially be entitled to compensation.

Be aware of your rights! If you’ve suffered from a DePuy Hip Replacement, Clear Injury can help you seek compensation!

Are you one of the 93,000 patients who’ve had a DePuy hip replacement surgery? Have DePuy or J&J already contacted you or a loved one recently? They will be asking you to sign papers or a waiver of your rights. Before signing anything,  be sure you first consult with an experienced lawyer! Call Clear Injury today at (888) 260-9494 and seek the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.