What are Hip Replacements?

Hip replacements are designed to make the lives of an injured person easier. In most cases, when a patient has suffered severe hip damage, doctors and surgeons will recommend a hip replacement. Hip replacements are a surgical process wherein the hip of a person is replaced with an implant. This is most commonly performed when a hip is in very bad condition due to accidents or a serious injury. It is also done on people who are suffering from severe pain caused by arthritis and various types of joint problems. Basically, there are three types of hip replacements, which vary depending on the materials used.

Three basic types of hip replacements

  • The first and most common type is the metal and plastic implant, which is made of two major implants. A part will be replaced with a prosthesis, which is made from metal which is usually titanium or cobalt chrome. The other part is called the spacer, wherein a plastic called polyethylene is used.

  • Another type is the metal-on-metal transplant. The process uses metals for all the parts of the hips. It is considered superior compared to metal and plastic since metal is more durable than plastic. Moreover, metal lasts longer and will never wear out. However, there is a possible risk in using this type of replacement. The ion which is contained within the metal can mix into the blood.
  • The third type is the ceramic-on-ceramic, which is most recommended by doctors. This is because it poses no risk of injuring the muscles. Moreover, it is very resistant to wear.

Are there any risk factors when it comes with hip replacements?

Unfortunately, not all hip replacement procedures and implants are the same. In some cases, there are hip replacements that are defective and these hip implants can cause more harm to the patients than any possible benefit. Furthermore, there are thousands of patients in America who suffer from defective replacements and acquired more injuries.

Symptoms of a failed hip implant:

  • Bone Breakage

  • Dislocation of implants causing more harm to the patients

  • Life threatening issues due to metal ion that can be possibly mixed with the blood stream

  • Discomfort

  • Severe pain when walking or sitting

Today, hip replacement surgeries are a common medical procedure, especially for elderly people. The procedure is only performed by professional orthopedic surgeons, where the hip implants replace the damaged portions of the hip. However, it is very unfortunate for people who are seeking for comfort and spend most of their hard earned money to have a hip replacement not knowingly that the materials are defective which causes malfunction. Due to numerous complains, the device was recalled.

Have you suffered injury due to a hip replacement?

If you or your loved one has suffered from an injury related to hip replacement or malfunction due to the materials that have been used, you may be qualified for fair compensation. You can fill out our form to the right on this page or you can call us toll free at (888) 260-9494. Do not hesitate to give us a call about your condition. Our professional team can advise you on the possible steps that you have to take, and rest assured, we don’t charge anything up front for our advice or assistance. If you don’t get compensated, we don’t get compensated.