FDA Recalls

Victims of Dangerous FDA Recalled Drugs & Medical Devices: Know Your Rights!

FDA RecallsThe medical industry is constantly evolving, with new drugs coming to market every year, groundbreaking achievements in surgical procedures, and new and improved medical devices. It’s constantly evolving and it never ends. With all this progress moving at such lightning speed, there’s also a growing concern regarding the safety and the potential dangers of certain drugs and medical devices.

Clear Injury is a lawyer referral service that specializes in defective medical device cases and dangerous drug side effects that are subject to an FDA recall. In recent years, many drugs have been recalled by the FDA, including (but not limited to) the once-popular diabetes medication Actos, along with many birth control or female contraceptive drugs such as Yaz, which has also been distributed under the brand names Yasmin and Ocella. Clear Injury is working with many victims of these dangerous FDA-recalled pharmaceutical drugs, helping them seek compensation for any pain and suffering, loss of income, and/or medical bills they’ve had to endure after being prescribed a medication without knowing the potential dangers.  Whether or not the drug manufacturers were fully aware of the related dangers or not, it is their responsibility to do the necessary due diligence and clinical trials to determine the safety of their drugs before introducing them to consumers on the market.

In addition to the many FDA-recalled drugs, a couple of of which are listed above, the FDA has also recalled many medical devices. Two of the most prevalent medical devices that have been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration in recent years are certain varieties of hip implants, and of course one people have been hearing a lot of lately: Transvaginal Mesh Implants. The Transvaginal Mesh SUI, POP recall, and hip implant recalls including Stryker, DePuy and Zimmer have resulted in thousands of serious medical complications.

The hip recalls are resulting in a condition known as metallosis, or metal poisoning, which is a direct result of the metal-on-metal implants used in surgical procedures. The Transvaginal Mesh complications stem from erosion in the pelvic region, resulting in organ perforation or complete pelvic relapse.  In any event, victims of these defective medical or surgical devices can and should consult with a law firm who is experienced working with cases involving FDA recalls, as it can be a complicated process knowing which way to proceed and how to get the best results possible. That’s where Clear Injury comes in. We represent thousands of clients throughout the United States who’ve been victims of faulty medical devices or drugs with dangerous, undisclosed side effects. If you or someone you love has been injured by an FDA-recalled drug or medical device, give Clear Injury a call today or fill out the form on the right of this page and we’ll call you at a time that’s most convenient for you and your family.

Here are a list of current drug and device recalls: