What is Celexa

The Benefits and Side Effects of Celexa

There are so many drugs that are being manufactured today. They have their own way in making some changes in how the body works. Most of these drugs were manufactured in order to cure some diseases. Do not confuse yourself with the medical drugs with those ones that are being sold illegally and those ones that are being manufactured in order to bring harm and short term pleasures. We also cannot deny the fact that even these medical drugs are made using several chemicals. These chemicals may be beneficial to the body with that certain mixture or with that certain dosage. They can also have several side effects so it is best if the doctor is consulted before taking in any of these drugs.

More Information About Celexa

Celexa is one of the most famous drugs today especially for those people who are having a lot of trouble sleeping because of stress and those people who need something to calm themselves down. This is because Celexa is an antidepressant. These kinds of drugs are manufactured in order to reduce the total energy release of a person which makes him or her a lot more relaxed. This drug can also be taken in different forms but the most common is oral dosages.

Other Uses of Celexa

This drug is also being used in treating pain. This is because of the ability of Celexa to reduce the transfer of information through the nerves. This will allow the person to feel less pain since the brain cannot sense the pain receptors. This can also cure some disorders that are related to the disposition of the person, in other words, it can relax a person. This is being used by people who have obsessive compulsive disorders and ADHD.

Celexa Warnings

It is an established fact that anything in excess is bad for the body, especially when it comes to drugs like Celexa. There are side effects if ever the instructions of a professional or the warnings are not followed. One of these side effects is the irregular heartbeat. This is caused by the ability of the drug to lower the rate of all the body processes including the blood flow. The irregular heart beat is basically the body’s instinct to keep on living and the power of the drug to calm the body, completely, as in to stop the processes entirely. When this scenario happens, the person should go straight to a doctor. Seizures are also common side effect of anti-depressants this happens if ever the person had more dosages compared to the required amount. This can also happen due to the mixing of other drugs that are currently being taken in by the person.

Drowsiness is a common and normal side effect of antidepressants. This is because of the fact that these drugs can relax the person to the point of them sleeping. Sweating is also normal including the blurriness of vision. However, severe cases should also be taken to the doctor’s notice.

Professional Miscalculations

We cannot deny the fact that people can always make mistakes, doctors are no exception to this, afterall, they are people just like us. However, their mistakes can cost someone his or her life. This is the reason why medical professionals should always know what they are doing before they perform a procedure or ever prescribe a drug. The first rule of medicine is to first do no harm, and the doctors, surgeons, and drug manufacturers alike are all bound to this. If you or a loved one has suffered injury from taking Celexa, you may be entitled to compensation. You should seek legal help from Clear Injury. You can call us toll free at (888) 260 9494.