Asbestos and Mesothelioma

The Science behind Asbestos and It’s Manufacturing

Throughout the years, asbestos has been part of each and every industrial innovation we have. This particular substance is composed of more than one part that makes it unique and allows it to have all its properties. One of these is its ability to withstand fire. This ability of asbestos was first thought to be a property that originated from that of a legendary salamander that can withstand fire. The people before did not know how asbestos is really formed, so they assumed that they came from fireproof salamanders that are currently shedding their skin.

Early Records

The very first recorded use of asbestos was found in east Finland. This substance was used in order to strengthen mud pots. The idea behind this is that asbestos is made of several fibers which can be seen in the naked eye and there are also a lot of microscopic fibers which are integrated within the substance. This will allow the earthenware to withstand some amount of impact before breaking and this will also allow that certain material to withstand high levels of heat.

Some noble families all around the world also used asbestos in many of their tools. Some noble families used asbestos in to manufacture cloth. This cloth will then be showed off to their guests as something that can withstand fire. The host will throw the cloth into the fire and will show that it is not affected by the flame. Charlemagne actually used asbestos for his tablecloth.

The Modern Age

The large scale mining of asbestos started in the industrial revolution or the 19th century. It has been first used in the manufacturing of yam. As time passed by, the people also integrated many of its properties into the use in the industrial era. Many of the products that were used back then are also being used today especially in those cases wherein something should be protected against fires. This substance is being used in fireproofing of many modern houses. This substance is being mixed into the stonework or the cement in order to make it fireproof and a lot more durable against calamities. It is also being integrated in the woodwork of houses including the ceiling and the floors.

In the electrical industries, the use of asbestos is vast. This is because asbestos makes a good insulating product. In the case when there is an overheating of several electric products, asbestos will prevent the melting of the wiring insulation to prevent the shorting of the wiring circuits. This will make the wiring a lot safer compared to the common insulating methods.

Though there are countless benefits that asbestos can provide, there are casualties that were recorded and these are people who are exposed to the said substance.

Asbestos and Mesothelioma

Asbestos also has a lot of side effects. The fibrous nature of asbestos can cause fibrosis and mesothelioma. These diseases are mainly caused by the exposure to the fibers of asbestos. Many people who are working closely with asbestos are definitely prone to these kinds of diseases. If you are working in the place where there is a lot of asbestos exposure, then you may certainly be entitled to compensation. You just have to call (888) 260 9494 and our legal professionals will help point you int he right direction at no upfront cost to you whatsoever! We’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve!