What is Asbestos

Basics about Asbestos: Types, Diseases, and Litigation

Back in the days, asbestos was one of the most well used minerals in the industry. This is due to its very practical characteristics. It is known to be versatile and to be resistant to heat. It also makes a good insulator due to its resistance and tensile characteristics. There came a time that it was ordered that asbestos be used in every branch of the service of the United States military. It was a perfect blend to everything, even to fabric and cloth. However, there was just one main issue with it: it was highly toxic. It then became banned to several countries (more than 50) since it is a known leading cause in mesothelioma cancer.

Here are some of the things that you should know about this mineral.

  1. Types of Asbestos

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are six types of asbestos minerals. Three of them are:

  • Chrysotile. This is the most used type in the industry. It has been estimated that at least 90% of all the products produced from asbestos are using this. This is due to the fact that its fibers are curly and longer than most types. This is also perhaps one of the least toxic types though experts confirmed that it is still hazardous to human health.

  • Amosite. This is commonly used in the construction field as its shorter and straighter fiber is more useful. It is brown in color most of the times and it is primarily found in South Africa.

  • Crocidolite. This is considered to be the most harmful type as it could penetrate skin tissues. This is due to the fact that its fibers are extremely thin. Moreover, this blue asbestos is also not as resistant to heat compared to the other type; hence, it is not as widely used in the field.

  1. Exposure to Asbestos

Unfortunately, there are many jobs that are exposed to this mineral and most of them are related with the occupations that are predominantly male. According to one study conducted, 30 per cent of the whole population with the mesothelioma cancer are military veterans which are the group that has received the most and worst damage from asbestos. People in the construction field are also vulnerable to this and some of them include pipe fitters, steam fitters, and electricians.

  1. Diseases related to Asbestos

  2. Lung cancer. This is the second most common type of cancer in the United States. Since most cases are related to, if not caused by smoking, this then creates an added risk to smokers who work for the mentioned work fields above.

  3. Mesothelioma cancer. This is perhaps one of the rarest cancers there is; however, it is also one of the most aggressive. It is said to kill an American every 3.4 hours. It is characterized by the abdomen, chest, and the organs near it being surrounded by a thin lining.

  4. Litigation related to asbestos. The first case happened in 1973 and it was filed by Borel through Attorney Stephenson. The former has worked for 30 years in the shipyard and was then diagnosed with asbestosis and later with mesothelioma.


Nowadays, there are cases filed under this; however, states handle them differently. Talk to a lawyer now if you have questions regarding the filing and compensation from Asbestos related complications. You can call Clear Injury toll free at (888) 260-9494 or fill out the form on this page. Your concerns will be directed to the right lawyer and the proper legal matter will be attended to at no upfront cost to you whatsoever!