Actos Side Effects

Actos and Your Defense

People who are suffering from type-2 diabetes will not miss this because Actos is a prescribed medicine for people who are suffering from diabetes. This helps regulate blood sugar in the body. Of course, adults who are taking this medication should partner it with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

So Actos is a diabetes drug. Its generic name is pioglitazone which can either be taken with other diabetes medicines or administered alone. That may depend on the doctor’s recommendation and the condition of the patient. At times, the doctor will combine other medicines to balance or counteract with the various side effects of a particular drug used. If you have suffered from serious Actos side effects, you may be entitled to legal compensation, fill out the form on the right of this page, or keep reading!

What are the side effects of Actos?

Almost all medicines have side effects and you should know their side effects so that you will understand the risks of taking a certain medication. In the case of Actos, this drug was very effective to the masses in fact it has garnered $3.58 billion in sales in the United States last 2010. The company that manufactured this product is the Takeda Pharmaceuticals. They have gained tremendous feedback regarding the effectiveness of their product.

However, prolonged usage of this product can lead to serious side effects such as kidney problems and diseases, congestive heart failure and bladder cancer. They have lost a patient last 2011 with bladder cancer that is why the Food and Drug Administration in the US have required the company to put updates on the labels of their medicine, which states that prolonged usage of the product for more than one year can lead to bladder cancer.

What are the solutions if you are taking the medicine?

The solution to this is that you need to update the medicine intake with your doctor. Ask your doctor for an advice regarding the medication and what are the alternatives if there is any. The doctor may give you different options so that you will clearly understand what to do.

What If you are already suffering Actos side effects?

If in case you have gained the aforementioned side effects due to your intake of Actos, you need to seek medical help immediately. It is best to go to a specialist in order to deal with the case and immediately stop the medication.

On the flipside, you can also file complaints regarding the different side effects that have befallen upon you. You can ask or consult your lawyer on what to do so that the company will provide proper compensation regarding that particular issue. You can join others online who have the same concern as yours.

This case is no longer obscure to anyone that is why you can find the right legal help in order to resolve the issue and receive legal monetary compensation from the manufacturing company. It’s time to protect you or your loved one’s civil rights.

Therefore if you have any questions or if you’re convinced you may have a potential case give us a call today at  (888) 260-9494 or fill out the form on this page. Our experienced lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve from Actos side effects you shouldn’t be forced to deal with. We’re here for you!