Actos Recall

Type 2 diabetes drugs and related lawsuits

Actos became popular back in 2007 and has been used for type 2 diabetes medication. Its ingredient is pioglitazone which works by increasing the sensitivity of the body that helps the natural hormone from your body to control blood sugar. Though it seems that the drug is effective, it puts the patient’s bladder at risk. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration in Untied States never implemented Actos recall drug regulation. However, the use of Actos for people who are suffering from diabetes in France and Germany ordered to stop prescribing such medication because of bladder cancer risk. Recently discovered, the use of Actos can develop bladder tumors and during the first five years of producing the drug, there are numerous reports of bladder cancer caused by Actos.

Why the FDA never regulated Actos recall?

The FDA said that they are frequently assessing the data from Pharmaceuticals which is the one who launched a decade of study investigating bladder cancer produced by Actos. The US agency will also review necessary actions and results from epidemiological study in France that is presently monitoring 1.5 million patients who are suffering from bladder cancer.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent and usually occurs or develops at any age. This illness is the result of insulin resistance. It is a condition of the body wherein the body cells are no longer properly interacting with insulin. The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin for the body. However, the pancreas can lose its ability to function properly. The pancreas is no longer capable of producing insulin which results to high blood glucose level. It can occur when a person is living a very unhealthy lifestyle which includes high calorie diet and lack physical activities.

Other causes of diabetes include:

  • Inactive lifestyle

  • Family history

  • History of heart disease

  • Having the history of gestational diabetes

Diabetes is common among people who are overweight. Professionals recommend people 45 years old and above to consult with their doctors or should be tested for diabetes. It is a serious illness that can cause extreme pain, disability and even death. Basically, there are no treatments or cure for such disease. The FDA mandated the Actos drug manufacturers to include safety information stating that the intake of Actos could be associated with bladder cancer risk on their labels and they must inform consumers to consult with their respective doctors before taking the drug.

Actos Recall Lawsuits

Recently there are numerous lawsuits against Takeda and Eli Lilly & Co. The US Judicial panel however considered consolidating all the pending cases. Not because Actos has not been recalled by the US agency means that you should stop necessary actions.

Take necessary action

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